• It’s SPF Time

    It’s SPF Time
    Summer is here and this also mean even hotter months aboard our sunny island. While everyone needs a little Vitamin D, it is undeniable that prolonged exposure to the sun would cause sun burn, premature aging or worse, skin damage. One of the easiest and most affordable way to mitigate the effects of the sun would be to simply apply sunscreen – the...
  • To mask or not to mask, and what?

    To mask or not to mask, and what?
    A quick google search on mask, you will likely arrive to COVID-19, N95 or surgical mask. A necessity of today's world, a matter of life and death. However today, we will discuss another almost as important mask: Beauty Mask. According to Wikipedia, the first facial mask was invented in Ohio, United States, during the 19th century by Madame Rowley. It was called the...
  • Let's Talk Vegan

    Let's Talk Vegan
    World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on 1st November by vegans around the world in championing the vegan lifestyle. In-lieu of the special day let us delve deeper into the Vegan world, specifically Vegan Beauty. WHAT DOES VEGAN MEAN? From a lifestyle perspective, Vegans are individuals who avoid animal products for ethical, health or environmental reasons. Similarly, Vegan in beauty products simply...
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