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To mask or not to mask, and what?

by S Y on 0 Comments

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A quick google search on mask, you will likely arrive to COVID-19, N95 or surgical mask. A necessity of today's world, a matter of life and death. However today, we will discuss another almost as important mask: Beauty Mask.

According to Wikipedia, the first facial mask was invented in Ohio, United States, during the 19th century by Madame Rowley. It was called the "Toilet Mask" or the first “face glove”, a mask which was beneficial for anyone who wanted to ‘bleach, purify and preserve the complexion of the skin. Many years later, masks are still used in similar context - intense and concentrated treatment, albeit functionality and forms have expanded beyond.

In general, you can categorize masks into 5 types:

1. Cream Mask
2. Clay Mask
3. Sheet Mask
4. Peel-off Mask
5. Hybrid Mask

Cream Mask is often the gentlest amongst all masks and priced the most pocket friendly as well. Comes in cream or gel form, it would contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for intense moisturizing treatment. The downside of cream mask is sometimes occlusives and therefore may clog pores and cause acne. However, application time is usually for a few minutes and washed off, therefore problem is negligible.

Clay Mask is often associated with deep cleansing, and antimicrobial treatment. It is especially important to wash off the mask at the right time. Should you leave the mask on your face for too long, moisture will be drawn out of your skin during the final drying phase. This in turn may cause dehydrated skin, blemishes, and redness. Do not skip the next step: quick remoisturizing is a must!

To reap the most out of both cream and clay masks, thorough rinse off and following the prescribed application timing would be essential, else the side effect may overtake the good benefits.

Then came along Sheet Mask. It originated from South Korea, often made from paper or cotton, and infused with serum that contains active ingredients such as vitamins or moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Completing the treatment would involve removing the sheet upon prescribed time, without rinsing to allow liquid to penetrate the skin. Size and fitting of the mask is key to ensure that your face receives the goodness of the mask. Application timing is also equally important as applying beyond the stated timing would mean dried up sheet mask, causing skin unable to breathe and hydration is reversed.

Thanks to the rise of K-wave, there is a big range available in the market with an even larger range in price and quality. Be sure to scrutinize ingredients list as many contain alcohol and fragrance, which are bad for the skin.

Peel-off Mask, usually in liquid or gel form, is applied to the skin and peeled off when dried after a few minutes/seconds. It is mainly used to moisturize the skin and remove impurities. However, as with every type of mask, there are some drawbacks. Peel-off mask often contains alcohol to aid in the drying process, for mask to dry quickly.

Depending on your skin type and needs, you would toggle between masks because each type of mask only offers a function or a specific benefit. Not the most ideal situation especially when you are time-hungry, then here comes Hybrid Mask – a mask that serves multiple purpose and benefits.

BIVID IN&OUT Mask utilises bio-cellulose mask derived from coconut water. It applies like a gel mask, infused with natural ingredients for deep hydration. The nature of bio cellulose means it will adhere to your skin, making them the perfect treatment for delivering skincare ingredients in mask form. Here is the hybrid part – BIVID IN&OUT mask promises deep cleansing and pore control as well. When the mask is dried up entirely, its adherence to the skin will cleanse clogged pores, sebum, oil, and makeup residue. A true one-step mask for busy lifestyle.

BONOTOX Second Skin Cream works like a peel-off mask, except that it utilises the Second Veil technology. Once applied, the gel will form like a second skin on your skin, breathable, making it the perfect sealant to all the good skincare ingredients, and the perfect repellent against pollutants, allergens, dirt and air-condition dryness. Unlike other masks, the longer BONOTOX second skin cream stays on your skin, the greater the efficacy, making it your best sleeping treatment. Peel off or wash off the next morning to supple skin infused with all the beauty ingredient sans dried out overnight skin.

Studies have shown that during this COVID period, despite working from home, many are even hungrier for personal time. Hybrid products such as BIVID IN&OUT mask or BONOTOX Second Skin Cream could be your answer for some personal pamper and self-love.


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