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Let's Talk Vegan

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World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on 1st November by vegans around the world in championing the vegan lifestyle. In-lieu of the special day let us delve deeper into the Vegan world, specifically Vegan Beauty.


From a lifestyle perspective, Vegans are individuals who avoid animal products for ethical, health or environmental reasons. Similarly, Vegan in beauty products simply means it does not contain any animal extracts or animal by-products in the ingredients or manufacturing process. This include commonly seen ingredients such as (but not limited to)

  • Honey
  • Beeswax
  • Gelatin
  • Carmine (crushed-up insects)
  • Lanolin (derived from sheep)
  • Hyaluronic acid or Squalene (unless explicitly stated derived from plant-based)

You may refer to PETA’s full list of animal-derived ingredients here.


A common misconception would be to assume all Vegan products are Cruelty-free, however, this two has vastly different meaning. Vegan refers to a product’s ingredients whereas Cruelty-free refers to the processes involved in production of the product. Cruelty-free products meant that no animal testing was carried out in developing the product or on the final product.

It is common for a product to be Vegan and not Cruelty-free or vice-versa. Especially so for products sold in China, as animal testing is still required by law for imported cosmetics.


Yes and No. Certifications are available as a straight-forward method in identifying products that qualify as Vegan. The issue without an official certification/logo simply means there is a risk of faux information, especially if one is truly particular.

However, there is always another side to the coin. Certification involves a detailed process and could be costly. Licenses have to be paid and renewed with audits. Moreover, most of the certification bodies require products to be made in western countries, hence excluding majority Asian brands. This explains why most Korean brands do not carry official certification/logo.

At A KINDER BEAUTY, we aim to bring vegan friendly and cruelty-free brands and products to you. Though most do not have an official certification, we made sure to reach out directly to the brands, ensuring that it commits to Vegan and Cruelty-free status. Be sure to look out for the following icons on our website!





Though the trend of Vegan lifestyle has increased over the years, few are quick to adopt Vegan beauty products, mostly for the following misconceptions:

#1 Vegan products are not as effective. The most common stereotype, especially so with makeup, is that Vegan makeup doesn’t last as long or doesn’t come in as many colours or shades. With the advanced in technology these days, this is hardly an issue anymore. Check out ESQA Cosmetics that not only comes in an array of colours, but highly pigmented ones. There are even some with longwearing formulas such as Waterproof Intense Eyeliner and Matte Lip Liquid.

#2 Vegan products are expensive. This might be the case in the past when Vegan was still uncommon, however with its increased popularity, there are also an increased in assortment and brands today. The market definitely has a suited product for every budget, and in case you’re wondering, no – a lower-priced Vegan product does not mean that it is in any way less effective than a higher-priced one.

#3 It is too troublesome to decipher the ingredients. Since not all brands undergo official certification, it indeed takes some time to look through individual ingredient list. Nonetheless, a little effort goes a long way. Animal-derived ingredients are easier to identify as compared to its chemical counterpart. Just keep a few common ones at the top of your mind and you’re on the right path! Refer to our list above for a start. Alternatively, shop at online websites that help to curate for you. Remember, the key is in transparency.

Using Vegan beauty products might just be a small change in your regimen but one big step towards a greater cause. All else equal, if you have the choice then why not pick something that is a little kinder towards you and the world around us? 


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