Founders Introduction
For a long time in Korean cosmetic companies, through experience in product planning, launching, and sales planning, we realized that no matter how good a product was applied, if the skin had impurities, sebum, dead skin cells, etc., the active ingredients could not penetrate deep into the skin and thus could not improve skin problems. We felt that we needed skin techniques that had to put in good ingredients and remove bad waste. So, with the idea of returning the skin to its natural state using biotechnology, we created our bio cosmetic brand, BiVID.
Using biotechnology, we will put good ingredients obtained from nature into the skin, and remove the bad wastes that accumulate on the skin to create the vividness and beauty of the skin.

We strive for the healthy skin of our customers with biotechnology that combines materials from nature into cosmetics.

Real (natural Ingredient)
We strive to achieve maximum efficacy by using the ingredients derived from nature that contain natural energy that works gently on the skin.

We will try to eliminate harmful chemicals and create skincare products that contain the ingredients derived from nature and make your skin vivid.
A Mask Full of Moisture
▶ In-and-out series: One-step skincare products with the function to add active ingredients into the skin and remove wastes by using bio-cellulose.
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