Aloeclear isn't just about clearing up blemishes on the surface for a quick result. A blend of cooling peppermint, lavendar oil, salicylic acid and Aloeganic aloe vera helps prevent future breakouts, while improving overall skin health. Based on independent studies, Aloeclear is proven to help clear away blemishes and improve overall skin tone within just two weeks of use.


Avoskin perfects your skin care routine through the inexhaustive benefit of nature., focusing on personalised skincare solution to your skincare problem


BiVID is a compound word of Biotechnology and Vivid, meaning that it is a cosmetic product that incorporates innovative biotechnology to embody the vitality of for customers’ skin.

Doctor PGA

Doctors PGA utilizes polyglutamic acid (PGA) as its key ingredient in all its products. A naturally derived ingredient from fermented soybeans, polyglutamic acid is touted to be the breakthrough ingredient of the year and is clinically proven to supercede Hyaluronic Acid in its hydrating properties, and Collagen in elasticity.


ESQA is the first and leading vegan cosmetics brand in Indonesia. We offer premium quality makeup products with glamorous signature rose-gold packaging at an affordable price. We are also Halal Certified and cruelty-free.


PÜR offers high-performance beauty solutions and skin-loving products. By focusing as much on the ingredients left out of formulas as included, PÜR sets the standard for a better kind of beauty. From transformative skincare to colour makeup, PÜR's skin-enhancing formulas are clinically proven to deliver. PÜR is proud to be cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, talc free, petrolatum free, mineral oil free and SLS free.

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