Founders Introduction
Founded by the Korean biomedical giants BioLeaders, Doctors PGA utilizes polyglutamic acid (PGA) as its key ingredient in all its products. A naturally derived ingredient from fermented soybeans, polyglutamic acid is touted to be the breakthrough ingredient of the year and is clinically proven to supercede Hyaluronic Acid in its hydrating properties, and Collagen in elasticity. Hence the name Doctors PGA.
Doctor's Choice GPGA
DOCTORS PGA is the Choice of DOCTORS with advanced technology and know-how of researcher of Bioleaders

Achieve skin health with multi-functional Formula GPGA-COMPLEX with excellent efficacy.

Promise For Safety
We value quality and safety as our top priority and create a product that anyone can trust and use.

Advanced Technology
We continuously research and challenge advanced bio-technology to share with more people.
Doctors Choice GPGA
This raw material, made by fermentation process of soybeans, has 5 times more moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid and plays a big role in skin elasticity and recovery.
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